Official Site | Baxter Gardens is open to the public from April 1st - April 30th each year

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| About Baxter Gardens

Baxter Gardens is a private residence which opens its gardens to the public during the month of April as part of the Dogwood Arts Festival in Knoxville, Tennessee, and is comprised of nine gardens which can be toured during the festival with the assistance of a printed map and guide provided onsite. 

The gardens were constructed, beginning in 1992, on the south facing crest of Black Oak Ridge in Fountain City, in North Knoxville.  The first garden designed and constructed was The White Garden, modeled after a similar garden at Sissinghurst Castle in England.  The English Garden influence is strong throughout the gardens.  Another major influence on the design of the gardens has been Frederick Law Olmsted, who designed and built Biltmore Gardens in Asheville, N.C., as well as Central Park in New York City and The Public Gardens in Boston.  Olmsted emphasized designing in harmony with the topography of the site, complimenting and respecting what nature has given you.

Baxter Gardens has received thousands of visitors over the years and has been recognized in several garden publications, most notably Southern Living.