Closed for the Season. See you next April!

Closed for the Season. See you next April!


Official Site | Baxter Gardens is open to the public from April 1st - April 30th each year

| The Iris Garden

The Iris Garden is comprised of multiple colors and varieties, framed in geometric shapes formed by white gravel surrounding the planting beds.  “Milky Way” Dogwood trees, yellow “Butterfly” magnolia shrubs, and Lilac trees are the accent plants surrounded by varieties of Irises, including “Tennessee Vols,” “St. Louis Blues,” “Navy Waves,” “Southland,” “Unbelievable Love,” “Pluiedor,” “Baby Blessed,” “Harvest of Memories,” and “Immortality.”

Outside the landscaped gardens are three additional planted areas of interest.  As you enter the property in your car, on the left is The Orchard.  This two-acre field is planted in ornamental varieties of peach, plum, pear, cherry, and apple trees.  Usually in April, many of these trees are in full blossom.   Guests are welcomed to walk the area.

On the lower driveway you pass the Specimen Garden, below the white rail fence.  This two-acre field is planted with a variety of specimen trees of interest from around the world.  The trees are labeled with plaques along the fence.

Continuing along the lower driveway, you pass the Lilac Field.  This area is planted with a variety of lilac shrubs, many of which are labeled, along with lilac trees and Saucer Magnolia trees.  Usually in April, the Saucer Magnolias are in full bloom.