Official Site | Baxter Gardens is open to the public from April 1st - April 30th each year

Closed – See you next April!

| The Dogwood Ramble

Below the Balustrade is the beginning of the Dogwood Ramble.  As you step down to the path, to the right is the Upper Pond with a “floating” sculpture of Venus bathing and her son, Cupid, spying from the nearby shrubs. Down this hillside, the pathway follows a small stream and features a wide variety of over 30 different dogwood shrubs and trees, many of which are labeled.  In the first bend, is a sculpture of Flora, the goddess of flowers, overlooking the garden.  There are many complimentary plants in this garden along with a wide variety of blooming ground covers that are prolific in spring and summer.  About half way down the ramble is a small bench to sit and enjoy the stream.  Beside the bench is the sculpture, La Prima Volta.  At the bottom of the Dogwood Ramble is the Lower Pond with stepping stones across the surface, leading to the Gazebo. This area is dense with several types of fragrant viburnum.  From the Gazebo you will overlook the pond, a small waterfall, and the sculpture of The Young Lovers.